Hear Thomas's message of where we are, how we got here, and what can and must be lawfully done!  The following Call To Decision broadcasts hosted by Pastor Butch and Erin Dakins with guests Phil Hudok and Leonard Harview puts the delema in perspective.  Inaction or watching is not an option.  Here is the lawful course.  It must be accompanied with the peoples repentance and turning from wicked ways.
Full Audio: 08_11_16.mp3
Thomas's Message Excerpt: Deegan Message Excerpt 08_11_16.mp3
Leonard Harview Updates Erin Dakins: 08_12_16 Leonard.mp3
Leonard Harview Updates Pastor Butch: 08_19_16 Leonard.mp3
There are those who will be morally and duty bound to communicate after they listen to the message.
Here are phone numbers in that regard:
Darlene Deegan  304-481-6292  &  304-489-9524 
Phil   304-335-2826  &  304-940-9646
Leonard   310-721-4867
Alicia   949-322-1999 
Darlene Deegan and Phil - Eastern Time Zone
Leonard and Alicia - Pacific Time Zone
With no apologies and much prayer,
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