The following is a transcription of an August, 9th, 2016, phone call from Thomas Deegan with minor rewording explaining the events leading up to Thomas’s latest trust document:
The lead up to this trust was when the three gentlemen, Gene Stalnaker, Phil Hudok, and Thomas David House of Deegan sued the State of West Virginia and all its entities.  We never received any valid response to the facts and truths that we set forth which were ultra vires violations of their contract with us, namely the constitutions, both state and federal.
Through this we found that the states were just instrumentalities of the federal corporation. Therefore, when you put into default this state, you are putting into default the federal government, which puts into default each and every state.  Because the states all incorporate at local government levels, including county, city, and township levels, they all defaulted and dishonored themselves in law.
When that happened, their charters, contracts, or constitutions as most people know them are forfeited automatically as an operation of law.  Therefore, since the Eleventh of September, Twenty Fifteen, they have been operating without a charter.  This means that each and every purported government official has been impersonating a public official and has been committing more fraud than what we had already set forth in our complaint.
The West Virginia State Supreme Court of Appeals put the final nail in their own coffin when they attempted to cover up our final and filed amended complaint by purporting that they had dismissed the case in August.  However, they never noticed Phil Hudok and I and the order that Gene Stalnaker received dismissing the case was not signed by a judge.  How could the court file in September an amended complaint if the case had indeed been dismissed some two weeks earlier? This constituted fraud by the highest court in the state of West Virginia and sealed their fate. 
We had given them numerous opportunities as is required in law, at law, and otherwise to recompense us, to do what was right, which was to re-conform themselves to the contract with us, but they failed to do so. 
At that point, that gave us the authority to do what had to be done which is verified by the maxim of law “the last men standing on the battlefield are the winners.”  At that point, as winners, we have the right to decide what happens on behalf of the King of all Kings, and the Creator of All.  What we’ve done is design a trust where all people on the soil of what some people call the United States of America, are beneficiaries.  This means that they have no duties or responsibilities to do anything except to opt in or opt out. They don’t have to be beneficiaries.  They don’t have to accept the benefits.  They can go on with their lives as they wish without being harassed by anybody so long as they don’t cause harm to another person or their property. 
If they, including men, women, and children, regardless of age or location, stay in as a beneficiary, they will receive the benefits of the restructuring of the purported, government that no longer exists.  They will receive education on how to properly set up the structure that will maintain and insure not only their happiness, but their life, liberty, and future for them and their children.
This trust was effectuated on the fourth of August, 2016, at 9:14 PM by myself to be joined by other overseeing trustees in the near future.  At this point, we are seeking are flag officers and up, or family members of such that are requested to get in touch with Darlene Deegan.  She will refer them to the proper person as we are looking to get the administrative orders out and start effectuating the long overdue change needed in this country for the betterment of our children.  Children that have been neglected for many, many years.  You can reach Darlene Deegan at 304-489-9524 and cell number 304-481-6292.  
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