It is imperative that the media (fourth estate) do their job and often they drop the ball. Consider this recent interview of alternative media giant Matt Drudge by Alex Jones which you can search for on YouTube
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I have been requested by several newspapers to be interviewed such as the Charleston Daily Mail and the Charleston Gazette.  However, I will only do live interviews at this point. I presented to both papers the May 22nd filing in the W.Va. Supreme Court that Thomas, Gene, and I did against Governor Tomblin, AG Patrick Morrisey, and the W.Va. State Legislature (all three corporations). They ignored this story and all subsequent filings until their “breaking story” last week. I will not do interviews with those media (corporations) but did offer and will do live interviews such as the one that I did with the Gazette last year with Senate candidates Shelly Capito, Natalie Tennant, Bob Baber, and John Buckley. It is your right and their duty that you be informed!
Presentation of Filing to the Gazette and Mail:

Presentation of filing to West Virginia Public Broadcasting:

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Video: (Email to Jesse Wright - General Manager Follows Below)

Only the Elkins Inter-Mountain did a story that ran in June. I have therefore I have made the exclusive offer to be interviewed by Reporter Tim McVean of the Inter-Mountain.

Please record this important interview.
With no apologies, but much prayer... Phil
If you have eyes to see and ears to hear and you consider yourself your brother's keeper, please drop a line to Thomas and tell him your feelings and say a prayer for him. His new government appointed address is:
Thomas David Deegan
North Central Regional Jail
#1 Lois Lane
Greenwood, WV 26415             P.S. Maybe there is a Superman!


I am offering you a live interview of what Gene, Thomas, and I have done in the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

The day of the first filing was on 5/22/15.  The media dropped the ball on this one.  I suspect that had the media done that the good people who support it expect, it would have been better for all concerned. 

I videotaped my presentation of this information to your station and just posted it on my website.  Here is the link:

With no apologies and much prayer,

Phil Hudok   h 304-335-2826  c 304-940-9646


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