Update 10/21/20
This is the first weekly update on the Bill of Peace/Treaty of Peace 2020. Even if there is no future news, such will be communicated in lieu of breaking news in future Wednesday updates.
FOIA requests went out for information pertaining to Private Law 114-13 in the 114th Congress without response as follows:
There has been no response from the three recipients of the 6th of March FOIA request: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dfv6ax3cc8unns2/FOIA%20Trump-Pelosi-Grassley.pdf?dl=0
There has been no response from the three recipients of the 14th of March FOIA request:
A next move to force a response is being considered but will incur considerable expense and we can most likely predict what response would be forthcoming.
Demand for confirmation of the Arbitration Award/Order was made in Federal Court in August.  The Court failed to confirm siting non related, nonsensical reasons.  Further action was made which has not yet been addressed by the court. Their lack of prompt response speaks volumes.
I can continue until up the ladder to Washington, DC. In that eventuality, pressure for the court to hear the case would be in order.
Understand that confirmation of the award would act as leverage for opt-ins. An honest response to the FOIA request would be sweet, but don’t hold your breath on that one.
The establishment is confronted with a quandary which becomes evident upon visiting the website www.hudok.com.
A little background is that many moons ago, I joined the Constitution Party of West Virginia. They wanted to obtain state-wide ballot access to make themselves known and effective. I was persuaded to run for US Senate to gain name recognition and then run for Governor to garner a large enough percentage of votes. That being the only means to gain state-wide ballot access. That meant I had to get about 10,000 petition signatures for each race. I did and was on the ballot, but failed to get the percentage votes required for statewide ballot access. Can you believe media censorship and political dirty tricks were experienced?
I am currently on the ballot for sheriff. Long story short… the West Virginia Constitution has some interesting sections:
Article 1 Section 3 is unique (See Press Release and First Duty as Sheriff: http://hudok.com/index.php/1st-sheriff-duty-press-release
Article 6 Section 47 is also unique as it prohibits church incorporation! 
Both are of monumental significance.
Anyway, I don’t have time to elaborate, but you should be able to grasp the significance and the quandary this presents for the establishment.
Be aware that we are on the precipice of total chaos via the election and the plandemic.  I have been in a quest to educate the public: http://hudok.com/index.php/investigating-covid-19
I am still receiving opt-ins. They are saved and still not being opened. Folks should still do whatever is in their power to educate and spread. It will take political pressure. I have been requested to be on some of the national platforms and will do so shortly.
Next update…   Oct. 28     Please pray for repentance and healing of the land.
Phil Hudok

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