Bill in Equity Received 5/19/16: Bill in Equity.pdf
Directions:  Instructions.pdf

Phil Petitions Ran. Co. Commission: Petition To Randolph Co Commission 5_5_16.pdf

Demand For Return of [Stolen] Property: Demand For [Stolen] Property Return.pdf

Documents Submitted on 4/15/16

Copy of Manta Screen Shots:  Manta Screen Shots.pdf
Allocution and Declaration:  Allocution and Declaration.pdf
Memorandum of Authorities and Principles:  Memorandum of Authorities and Principles.pdf
Appointment of Oshoway as Fiduciary Trustee:  Conditional Acceptance With Honor.pdf
Declarations of Service: 4/15/16: Declarations of Service 4_15_16.pdf
Alleged Pre-Sentence Investigation Faxed 3/29/16 Report:  Alleged Presentence Investigation Faxed Report Dated 3_29_2016.pdf
The Will and The Word of I AM:  I_AM.pdf
Demand and Prayer for Post-Verdict Judgment of Acquittal or in the Alternative, for a New Trial: Faxed 04_06_2016 Documents.pdf
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