Examine the following & contact Stewart or the nearest Oathkeeper!

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Sept. 10, 2015 – Original Open Email   Sept. 11, 2015 – Important Update Below

Mr. Stewart Rhodes,

Thanks for helping people prepare.  I attended the Appalachian Summit and spoke to you briefly.  Having been in “the battle” for over two decades, I finally see an awakening.  However, the dark side anticipated all eventualities and has crafted contingency plans.  I feel when chaos commences they will use foreign troops.

I am for real and seriously convicted.  The SPLC has tried to demonize me as dangerous (see attachment).  Indeed, I strive to be quite dangerous to tyrants.

We see the power of the people in Grayson, Kentucky.  In West Virginia, we’ve put the government in default and dishonor.  We’ve exposed the heart of the beast system, the private, for-profit corporate machine that the oligarchs use to manipulate and shield themselves from the people.

If/when the government moves to disarm and roundup people, it will get very ugly.  It is possible to pre-empt their plans for complete carnage with the remedy used at the Bundy Ranch and outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

We are in discussion with several groups to do what is reasonable, lawful, and considering the alternative, prudent.  When our servants break their oaths, become tyrannical, are duly petitioned, and continue unhindered in their unlawful actions, it is our right and duty to throw off the perpetrators and restore a righteous system.

The Oathkeepers is a logical force in effectuating righteous government of, by, and for the people.

God doesn’t make mistakes and he made us for such a time as this.  Please contact me as soon as possible.

Phillip Hudok

RR 1 Box 11

Huttonsville, WV 26273

Cell  304-940-9646     email hudok@hudok.com

Demand for “Rule of Law” information website  www.hudok.info

Constitution Party Candidate-Governor 2016 website www.hudok.com

On 8/29/15, I talked to you concerning the default and dishonor of state government officials at the highest level as proven in the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals by me and two other men!  I showed you a clear, undeniable case of oath breaking which you read evidence of in the state constitution, not once, but twice.  Your response was to say that you would want the sheriff to handle the enforcement.  I responded to you that if the sheriff will not do his job, that it is the people’s responsibility that the Rule of Law be enforced!

The conversation that I had with you was reported to other interested people in a conference call that occurred 8/31/15, was uploaded, and was posted on my Rule of Law Battle information website: www.hudok.info and the page link is: http://hudok.info/index.php/interviews/conference-calls-steve-gronka/

I have just been alerted that on the Daily Kos website concerning the Kim Davis case, you are quoted as saying   “So, you know, as far as we're concerned, this is not over. And like you said, this judge needs to be put on notice that his behavior is not going to be accepted and you know, we'll be there to stop it and intercede ourselves if we have to. If the sheriff, who should be interceding is not going to do his job and if the governor is not going to the governor's job of interceding, then we'll do it.”  The link is: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/09/10/1420107/-Oathkeepers-vow-to-intercede-if-U-S-Marshals-try-to-take-Kim-Davis-into-custody-again#

Mr. Rhodes…What gives?  The case in West Virginia is not only significant to the welfare of the state, but has national and international repercussions!  Private, for-profit corporations of all three branches of West Virginia Government is unconstitutional, among other things that we have proven.  However, incorporation is their tyranny machine. 

Mr. Rhodes, you must do the right thing and contact me and arrange for a meeting of the three successful plaintiffs in a most important case for the people of this nation!

With no apologies, (The title of a revealing book by Barry Goldwater)

Phillip Hudok

Mr. Steward Rhodes Updated.docx :(The Open Email In A Word Format)
SPLC on Hudok.pdf :(The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Attempts To Demonize Phil)
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