Opt-In Document <Get Document>
You are opting in on Contract J3:16fGsltwthghobS for which an arbitration award has been issued.
Read and follow the procedures below that are also found on page two of the Opt-In document.
1. After <Get Document> Click [Open] box top-right. Download and then print the two page document.
2. Print in requested information. Sign both Signature lines. Initial bottom-right corner of both pages.
3. Scan both pages into a pdf document. Email the scanned pdf doc. to treaty.of.peace2020@gmail.com
4. Mail both pages to the following address to be received by Phillip on or before December 25, 2019
    Phillip Hudok
    15958 Seneca Trail
    Huttonsville, W.Va. 26273
Note: Email and physical mail must be received by December 25, 2019.
Note: The emailed pdf is necessary for Opt-In 

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