West Virginia Supreme Court Of Appeals Case 15-0491 Documents:

Petition for redress of grievances and breach of promise - Legislature 2/24/15: (A Corporation!)
Petition Papers.pdf  Video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmkVuB3ezgg
Petitioning Governor: (A Corporation!)
Petitioning Governor.pdf
Petitioning Supreme Court of Appeals: (A Corporation!)
Petitioning Supreme Court.pdf
Filed Action in the Supreme Court of Appeals: (You won't voluntarily do what is right, will you?)
Supreme_Court_Filing Wi Contact Info.pdf
Supreme Court Scheduling Order: (You've attempted inserting us into Bizarro Fiction World!)
Supreme Court Scheduling Order.pdf
Refusal of Scheduling Order For Cause:  (We're not Pro Se and it's a demand, not a request!)
Refusal for Cause-Order-Affidavits_Phillip.pdf
Refusal for Cause-Order-Affidavits_Gene 06_12_15.pdf
Refusal for Cause-Order-Affidavits_Thomas 06_09_15.pdf
Notice of Default: (Rule 2, look it up!)
Declaratory Judgment Demand 6/29/15: (Get 'R' Done, You're wasting the good men and women's time and $)
Emergency Declaratory Judgment Demand Thomas 6_29_15.pdf
Emergency Declaratory Judgment Demand Phil 6_30_15.pdf
Emergency Declaratory Judgment Demand Gene 6_30_15.pdf
Response From Defendants 7/2/15: (With attempted insertion again into Bizarro Fiction World!)
2nd & Final Notice of Default 7/8/15: (Get 'R' Done, You're wasting more time and money!)
2nd & Final Notice of Default 7_8_15 Phil.pdf
2nd & Final Notice of Default 7_8_15 Thomas.pdf
2nd & Final Notice of Default 7_13_15 Gene.pdf 
Proper Correction of Defendant's Response (Are you serious?)
Proper Correction of Defendants Response Phil 7_14_15.pdf
Proper Correction of Defendant's Response Thomas 7_15_15.pdf
Proper Correction of Defendant's Response Gene 7_20_15.pdf
A Request From Bizzaro World  (Mr. Steve Harrison, the corporate headquarters is in your house!)
Greear 7_23_15.pdf
Refusal for Cause of Bizarro World Request (Dissolve your corporation first!)
Refusal for Cause_Greear_Phil 07_28_15.pdf
Refusal for Cause_Greear_ Thomas 07_28_15.pdf
Refusal For Cause_Greear_Gene 07_28_15.pdf
Notice-Declaration-Order 8/28/15 (W.Va. Adjutant General & US Army Provost Marshall General - DO YOUR JOB!)
Notice-Declaration-Order Military Phil.pdf
Notice-Declaration-Order Military Gene.pdf
Notice-Declaration-Order Military Thomas.pdf
Amended Complaint 9/4/15 (There can be no future changes in Case 15-0491)
Amended Case 15-0491.pdf
Supreme Court 2nd Order (To Gene Alone Received 9/5 After Our 9/4 Amended Complaint)
Supreme Court 2nd Order.pdf
Gene's Response To 2nd Order (Yes, words cannot convey what we are having to deal with. You must see to believe!)
Gene's Refusal of Dismissal.pdf
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