Files submitted for the record on CD #1
(Includes Military-Prisons & Government-Corporations Docs)
KJV 1611 Holy Bible:  KJV Bible.pdf
Professor Stamper War Powers Act of 1933 Excerpts:  War Powers Act of 1933 with highlights 3_20.pdf
1933 Executive Order 6102 Confiscation of Gold JPG Image: Executive_Order_6102.jpg
1973 Senate Report 93-549 History & Acknowledging the Continuance of 1933 War Powers Act: Senate_Report_93_549.pdf
Hand Penned PDF file of 1872 Constitution:  WVa 1872 Hand Penned Constitution.pdf
Art. 6 Sec. 47 West Virginia Constitution Church Incorporation Prohibition:  West Virginia Constitution Article 6 Section 47.docx
Preamble of the West Virginia Constitution: Preamble to the West Virginia Constitution.docx
1982 97th Congress Public Law 97-280 Designating 1983 “Year of the Bible”: Public_Law_97_280.pdf
“Free the Churches – The Story” Link:
“Free the Churches – The Facts” Link:
West Virginia Budget Office Government Organization Flow Chart: orgchart.jpg
1868 Fortieth Congress Act Acknowledging Universal Right of Expatriation: 1868 expatriation.pdf
Phil Hudok’s Notarized Oaths-State & National Constitutions:  Phil Hudok's Teaching Oath a.jpg     Phil Hudok's Teaching Oath b.jpg
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