Erin Dakins Interviews Thomas Prior To Arrest:
Chronological Order
2015_04_02:(Humpty Dumpty World, Vol. Slavery, W.Va. Lawsuit)
2015_05_01:(Into Slavery, BAR, Learning The Ropes, W.Va. Suit)
2015_05_14:($ Fraud, Con Job, Protecting Yourself, Jurisdictions)
2015_05_20:(Martial Law & Rule, Bankrupt US, Downward Spiral)
2015_06_03:(Banksters, Slavery vs Birthright, IMF, UN & Cartels)
2015_07_15:(War Powers Act, Nobility & Lies For Slaves)
2015_07_29:(Maxims, $ Powers, Currency Changes & Corporations)
2015_08_12:(Suit, Tavistock & Assault On Mind, Body & Spirit)
2015_08_19:(Mind Control, Secret Societies, Cern & Portals)
2015_09_09:(Constitution Or Lack Thereof)
2015_11_09:(Slavery, Birthright, Expatriation & Repatriation
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