*New* Dave Hodges Podcast - Govt. Doesn’t Own You & This Law Suit Will Prove It!
*New* 2nd Amendment Richmond Va. Rally Video
*New* A Path to Freedom, Free Will, and Life.  The Choice is Yours. – Video  Document
Richard Syrett takes call-in Phil Hudok and discovers Bill of Peace 2020
Bill of Peace 2020 to Randolph County Commission
Love & Action Deliverance Ministry Interviews Phil Hudok – Bill of Peace 2020 -Audio      
Admissions & Stipulations – Reworded for Understanding
Bill of Peace 2020 Article Submitted for Publication - 12/9/2019
Bill of Peace 2020 – In, but not of the World (Document)  (Video)
 “USA Prepares” host Vincent Vanelli interviews Phil Hudok 11/8/2019  11/15/2019 11/22/19
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